Why have a Biblical Women Online Store?

It’s easy! Share your affiliate link with friends, family, co-workers, groups, organizations and get paid. 

We offer products that celebrate women in biblical history.  We have designed creative ways to tell the stories of women in The Bible.  

Our affiliate program is ideal for YouTubers, bloggers and speakers.  If you are looking to earn additional income promoting a unique product, the Biblical Women Company program is for you

Easy to get Started

  1. Sign up 

  2. You will receive an Affiliate User Welcome email containing your store link.

  3. Begin marketing Biblical Women products with the generated links through various marketing channels by sharing the link.


Safe & Secure


Our affiliate program is managed by our staff and is run in-house.  It is safe and secure.

All of your account information and earnings history stays in-house and your privacy is maintained. In addition, you can track your account's earnings via email notifications of the the orders we have received from your post.

When a potential customer clicks your affiliate share link, they are directed to your affiliate product order page. As long as the customer completes the purchase using the same browser, the sale will be attributed to your affiliate account and you will be credited with that transaction.  You will receive an email notification of the customer's order.



Affiliates earn 30% of every sale sub-total before taxes

All affiliate earnings are paid weekly via Paypal or CashApp on Thursdays (except holidays)

Sign up below and get started today!  Share your links and get paid weekly!

What are the benefits of Online Fundraising?


  1. Donors can give easily via (Social Media links, Cell Phone text links or Email links)

  2. Participants can harness the power of the internet to reach potential donors.

  3. Use social media– Don’t be afraid to use your team’s or your social media accounts to ask for donations. Post about it on your Instagram story or share the link on your Facebook page. You can even ask others to post about your fundraising page on their social media accounts, too.

  4. It expands your reach from both potential national and international donors


We Offer Contactless Fundraising


  1. We will create your group's custom online store.

  2. We will email you a link so you can share the store with your group members and other participants.

  3. Your group members can share the link to your group's online store with friends and family so they can browse and place their order.

  4. Your supporters can place their order online and BWC will transfer the funds (minus company cost) to your group.

  5. We will ship your orders to you and you can distribute the products to your donors unless you choose to have BWC deliver the products.  This will cause a reduction in your profits received.  BWC charges a $2.00 shipping and handling per mask order delivery fee.  This will result in your group’s profit being $4 per mask sold instead of $6.

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